hPSC generation and characterization

The B-SCB offers services of generation and characterization of hiPSC lines, including administrative support for the authorisation of projects involving the use and /or the generation of hiPSC. hiPSC can be generated from different cell types such as fibroblasts, keratinocytes, peripheral blood cells, umbilical cord blood and , tumour and urine cells among others. We offer integrative and non- integrative reprogramming methodologies including retrovirus, lentivirus, Sendai virus, episomal factors and mRNA techniques.

Characterization tests:

  • Alkaline phosphatase
  • Mycoplasma analysis
  • Integration and silencing test
  • Karyotype
  • Fingerprinting
  • Pluripotency marker expression (OCT2, SOX2, NANOG, SEA3, SSEA4, TRA1-60 y TRA1-81)
  • In vitro differentiation (two markers for germ layer)
  • In vivo differentiation (two markers for germ layer)

How to request hiPSC generation services

To request information about the hiPSC generation service, you can contact blc@idibell.cat .
Requests for the generation of cell lines must first be authorized by an Ethics Committee and Comisión de Garantías para la Donación y Utilización de Células y Tejidos Humanos del Instituto de Salud Carlos III.
Information regarding generation and sample donor details:

How to request hPSC characterization services

To request hPSC characterization services contact blc@idibell.cat.

List of services and fees

wdt_ID Generation of iPSC lines fees (€) Internal Public External Public Private
1 Original Cells
2 Derivation of primary culture (skin biopsy) 220 270 570
4 Expansion of frozen fibroblasts or keratinocytes 115 140 300
5 Cell isolation from blood sample 150 185 280
6 Cell isolation from cord blood cells 200 240 340
7 Cell isolation from urine sample (epithelial cells) 225 280 485
8 iPSC generation
9 iPSC generation/retrovirus 2330 2855 3970
10 iPSC generation/Sendai virus 3225 3950 5275
11 iPSC generation/episomal plasmids 2860 3500 4830
12 iPSC generation/mRNA 3500 4270 5500
13 iPSC characterization
14 Karyotype (x 2 clones) 435 530 630
15 Fingerprinting (original cells and iPSC) 175 210 260
16 Pluripotency 395 480 565
17 In vitro differentiation (Embryoid bodies) 510 620 730
18 In vivo differentiation (Teratomas) 1075 1320 1350
19 Banking 600 740 860
20 Registration at Banco Nacional de Líneas Celulares 300 300 300
(21% IVA not included)

iPSC can be generated from different sources as fibroblasts, keratinocytes, blood, cord blood or even from epithelial cells from urine. Other cell types can be considered. We can generate iPSC lines using integrative (retrovirus and lentivirus) and non-integrative (Sendai virus, episomal plasmids or mRNA) methodologies.

The B-SCB also offers banking and registration of iPSC at the Spanish National Stem Cell Bank, as well as technical advice in administrative aspects.

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