Adscription Process

The adscription process can be initiated at any time through the Online Adscription Form. All adscription requests will be collected and evaluated twice a year by the P-CMR[C] Internal Scientific Committee and Advisory Board. Requests received from January to June will be evaluated in July, and in January those received from July to December.
The incorporation of new groups will be decided following scientific criteria of quality and excellence, based on a real complementarity of action with P-CMR[C] mission and values, and with an unequivocal orientation towards the clinical applicability of the research, for the improvement of patients’ health. The aim is for these groups to be led by relevant professionals in the field of Regenerative Medicine who work in other research centers and hospitals in Catalonia.
Once a new group is accepted to join the program, the specific conditions of association to the P-CMR[C] will be regulated by specific agreements signed individually with each research group and the institution to which it belongs.
In all cases, the staff of the groups will maintain their employment relationship and primary affiliation with the institution of origin to which they belong.
You can request the adscription of your research group to the P-CMR[C] here: