Job Openings

Doctoral INPhINIT Fellowships Programme - Incoming. Call for applications 2022.

Application submission deadline: 27/01/2022
The Gene Regulation of Cell Identity lab is looking for outstanding candidates to apply for an Inphinit doctoral fellowship to join the lab. The selected candidate will work in a project aimed at understanding the function of RNA Binding Proteins in the control of Gene Regulatory Networks in single cells.

Predoctoral Researcher for the Regenerative Medicine Program

Application submission deadline: 20/12/2021
The candidate will be involved in a research team focused in the study of the intestinal regeneration as a response to radiation injury. The team aims to develop treatments for cancer survivors who suffer side effects of radiotherapy including acute and chronic radiation-induced enteritis. In order to achieve this goal we will use cutting-edge technologies including: 3-dimensional imaging, organoid cultures, scRNAseq and quantitative lineage tracing. Candidates will work in the study of the acute and chronic phases respectively in order to first boost the intestinal regeneration in the acute phase and secondly to reduce the process of fibrosis during the chronic phase of the disease.