The P-CMR[C] launches its website

June 9, 2020

The Program for advancing the Clinical Translation of Regenerative Medicine of Catalonia (P-CMR[C]), launched by the Center for Regenerative Medicine (CMR[B]) and the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL), was born with the objective of group together all stem cell research in Catalonia, and thus create a bridge that connects basic, pre-clinical and clinical research, to favor and accelerate the transfer of regenerative medicine from the laboratory to the patients. With the new website, the P-CMR[C] has its own space on the internet, with all the information regarding the program as well as all the news related to their research. In addition to the website, the P-CMR[C] also launch social networks, twitter (@p_cmrc) and LinkedIn, with all the news about the program.

The research groups of the P-CMR[C] are presented on the website: the aging and stem cell group of Dr. M. Carolina Florian (IDIBELL), the gene regulation and cell identity group of Dr. Mireya Plass ( IDIBELL), the stem cell potency group of Dr. Angel Raya (IDIBELL), the pluripotent stem cell therapy group of Dr. Anna Veiga (IDIBELL), the group of hematopoietic stem cells of Dr. Alessandra Giorgetti (University of Barcelona), and the group for the regeneration of the pancreas of Dr. Meritxell Rovira (University of Barcelona). Nevertheless, this transversal program is intended to grow and include new research groups from institutes throughout Catalonia to expand the scientific capacity of the P-CMR[C].

The P-CMR[C] also includes the Barcelona Stem Cell Bank, the Catalan node of the National Bank of Cellular Lines (BNLC), with a reserved space on the program’s website. In it, apart from finding all the information regarding the pluripotent stem cell lines that make up this biobank, there is also a section where to request them through the Instituto de Salud Carlos III.

We invite you access to the website and discover all its new content and news!


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